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Choosing the Right Custom Draperies Chicago, IL

The Room’s Proportions

The window size and shape, ceiling height, how far the windows are from the ceiling, and other spatial factors plays a significant role in how your window treatments will look. When it comes to custom draperies in Chicago, Evmar Custom Draperies is the one that you can count on and trust to get the job done right.

Texture, Color, And Patterns

 If you know what color you want your window treatments to be, our custom draperies service in Chicago can help you. Now, the perfect hue would depend on your style and the existing decor of a particular room. Consider texture and patterns, as well as mixing and matching different textures in a room to add a new dimension to space.

Functional Considerations

You would also need to consider the practical and functionality when it comes to your custom draperies in Chicago. Evmar Custom Draperies will assist you in choosing treatments for your bedroom, blackout curtains, or shades. Trust us to provide you with only the best!

Custom Draperies in Chicago, IL Offer Warmth and Personal Style

When your room is ready for an update, transforming the space is made easy with custom draperies in Chicago.  New draperies can create more drama in your space, or you can take it in a more casual direction. Custom draperies can offer what you’re looking for with different methods to hang them. As professionals, Evmar Custom Draperies in Chicago can provide the right advice so you can install your new custom drapes in the most complementary way for space and to bring out your style.

Regardless of where you install your new custom drapery in Chicago, they are sure to give the space a fantastic look. Visit our showroom today so that we may show you all that Evmar Custom Draperies has to offer. We carry a wide range of window treatment solutions so you can see just how amazing custom drapes in Chicago can be. Come in and take a hands-on look at our custom draperies.

Advantages Of Custom Draperies Chicago, IL

Here are some of the known benefits of having custom draperies to understand why you need them.

Perfect Fit For You

These custom draperies are a perfect fit for your window’s dimensions. Buying from stores can only give you limited choices in terms of color, size, and design. Thus, custom drapes Chicago are much better.

Different Styles

Drapery is often used for the fabric on the windows used for decorative purposes. Curtains and drapes are two of the major types. They are not the same, even though people thought they are and they use the names interchangeably.

Custom Drapes

Custom drapes Chicago are usually stiff and heavy, thanks to the fabrics used. They provide more privacy when closed, and they are also more attractive-looking. They are also effective in blocking out light without having to tint your windows. They give a more sophisticated feel than most curtains.

Tips for Buying Custom Drapery Chicago, IL


Rooms with exuberant textures and embroidery shouldn’t feature slick and monochromatic custom drapes. Textures standout decoratively so try not to introduce them haphazardly before taking into account the rest of your room features


The design of your house is very important when choosing custom draperies. This one feature is common in properly designed rooms with custom drapery and is totally worth the cost.


Using colors that are bright and stand out keeps your area looking fresh and modern. Take into account the amount of sunlight coming in, so that you can decide whether you need darker drapes or if you need lighter which are less likely to fade.

Focal points

Windows to most people are the primary source of their attention and focal point. Utilize drapery to enhance your natural focal points and it does so by framing them in a style that blends in with everything seen from your window.