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Evmar Interiors – Chicago Draperies & Custom Drapery Workroom – is a family-owned and operated business. Evmar Interiors – Chicago Draperies & Drapery Workroom has been servicing the local Chicago design and home decor community as a one stop shop for draperies, window treatments and other window fashions.

We collaborate with designers and clients to fabricate the most fashionable draperies and window treatments in Chicago. We fulfill the highest expectations of our clients in quality and timely delivery. Our workroom is capable of fabricating the most intricate and stylish draperies and window treatments.

Our workroom manufactures draperies and custom window treatments for Chicago and its suburbs in all styles and hundreds of fabrics to work with any design. Draperies we manufacture for our Chicago clients are made from designer’s sketches using state of the art equipment. If you live in Chicago or the Chicago suburbs and want stylish draperies for your home, please take a tour on our website and contact us today!



Custom Draperies

Our drapery makers work hard to fabricate custom draperies for Chicago home and business owners. We blend your creative ideas with our professional expertise to produce the best design, texture, and shape you need.

Decorative Pillows

Spruce up your residential or commercial space with decorative pillows in Chicago to match your drapes and furniture. With hundreds of fabrics and styles to choose from, your custom pillows from Evmar Interiors would surely stand out.

Arch Window Treatments

At Evmar Interiors we deliver arch window treatments to Chicago and its surrounding suburbs. These effectively soften up your interiors of every home and make the space look and feel more conducive for comfortable living.

Fabric Shades

Choose from a plethora of our fabric shades to suit the interiors of your home or business infrastructure. Our skilled curtain makers at Evmar Interiors combine style with professional skills to give you the best drapes in Chicago.

Swags & Cascades

Adorn your windows with a beautiful embellishment of swags and cascades stitched together by our master curtain makers in our very own custom drapery workroom in Chicago. Choose from different textures, styles, lengths, and finish.

Bedding & Canopy

We create custom pillows, bedding, and canopies in Chicago and nearby suburbs to provide homeowners with well-curated bedrooms. Leave it to our expert designers to capture your personal style in the sketch and final design.

Cornices & Valances

For a simple addition to your interior, consider having custom cornices and valances done by our dedicated team of drapery makers. Have your custom draperies in Chicago tailor-made by our experts.

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Reasons To Choose Evmar Interiors

Custom Workroom Services

Our professional curtain makers at Evmar Interiors work masterfully to deliver unique custom draperies in Chicago homes and business interiors to cater to any window situation.

High-Quality Craftsmanship

With years of crafting and customizing for various clients, our drapery makers showcase consistency and quality in custom drapery, decorative pillows, and custom pillows in Chicago.

Measure, Fabricate & Install

Our expert curtain makers ensure precise custom drapery in Chicago with each unique client. We practice careful measurement, seamless drapery work, and professional installation at all times.


At Evmar Interiors, get exact quotations, free estimates, and a full list of our services and products upon consultation with our team of professional contractors.

Highest Quality Lining & Interlining

Evmar Interiors help you achieve those fantastic custom drapery in Chicago with neat and precise lining and interlining work by our master curtain crafters.


Evmar Interiors go above and beyond by also serving accessory products on top of excellent custom drapes and motorized draperies for Chicago home and business owners.


Where Design Gets Perfectly Crafted

Evmar Interiors creates the highest quality custom draperies and decorative pillows. At our drapery workroom we put our heart into dressing windows with the care of our customers’ needs.

Our Workroom

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Nancy Flynn, Chicago IL

My house looks fabulous! The custom draperies I got have an excellent texture. I surely got a better price and quality from Evmar Interiors & Custom Draperies in Chicago.

Nancy Flynn, Chicago, IL
Lenora Newsom, Chicago, IL

Evmar Interiors & Custom Draperies in Chicago has marvelous motorized draperies design. They are approachable and guided me through the process seamlessly. The windows look stunning, and I’m satisfied.

Lenora Newsom, Chicago, IL
Alice Johnson, Chicago, IL

I’m amazed by the combination of our decorative pillows and custom drapes. Evmar Interiors & Custom Draperies in Chicago is the place to go if you’re looking for top-notch draperies!

Alice Johnson,Chicago, IL

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How To Choose The Best Company For Custom Draperies Chicago, IL

Different Types Of Choices: The ideal company for drapes in Chicago should offer a variety of beautiful window drape designs, having different styles, colors, fabrics, and materials it is made from.

Years Of Experience: Evmar Custom Draperies in Chicago has been in the industry for years, allowing them to provide the best draperies according to your privacy, light, and ventilation needs.

Locally Made Products: Buying a drapery from a local manufacturer helps the environment by reducing carbon emissions when your items are transported overseas. Aside from that, buying from the best local drapes company means that you are providing job opportunities.

A Friendly Staff: Choose a custom drapes company in Chicago with friendly and approachable staff. These drapes companies give importance to their customers’ comfort when choosing custom draperies from their shop.

Lots Of Customer Reviews: The best custom drapes company receives positive reviews from their old and new clients.

Perform The Installations: Make sure to buy drapes from a company that offers to install them for you, especially if you don’t want the help of a contractor or a middleman.

At Evmar Custom Draperies in Chicago, you can choose from the best window treatments ideal for your home. We also offer motorized and custom drapes that can add an aesthetic value to your windows. Contact us today!