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Our workroom

From Owners of Evmar Interiors

Thank You for taking an interest in our company.
Over the years we have learned to understand that quality is the most important aspect of this field.
Knowing this we attend to every single project with great care.
We are personally passionate about dressing windows and spread this passion into the needs of all customers. When visiting our workroom, one will enjoy the pleasure of receiving personal attention to beautifying a home.
We look forward to your visit to our showroom/workroom and see all that Evmar Interiors has to offer.
Thank You,
walt eva marzec

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Our Work Hilghlights

  • Show us a picture and we can make it
  • Perfect matching fabrics & decorations with designers’ ideas
  • 26 workstations
  • Shop size : 7,000 Square Feet
  • Turnaround time : Average 3 – 4 weeks
  • Evmar Interiors is well-equipped with the top of the line industry machinery
  • Orders are handled by skilled, experienced seamstresses
  • All fabrics carefully inspected before fabrication
  • All size orders
  • Competitive prices
  • Showroom open with variety of window treatments


  • Designer and customer work on selecting the style and fabric of window treatments.
  • Evmar Interiors’ experienced installers visit customer’s home for accurate measurements.
  • After the selection is complete, the order is placed to vendors with the desired fabric.
  • Fabric is thoroughly inspected for flaws, cut according to designer specifications, and then moved onto production tables to be joined by our skilled seamstresses. We always choose the best patterns for the bottom of the draperies, and patterns and repeats are always matched.
  • The fabric is then brought to the sewing machines, where the double 4 inch hems at the bottom of draperies are pressed and ready to be blind stitched.
  • Top Treatments are fabricated with special care.
  • Trims are carefully applied to prevent the appearance of stitches to the backside of the treatment
  • High-Grade Boards are cut to the precise size and covered in a lining or matching fabric.
  • Draperies are moved to another production table to be marked for pleats. We offer numerous types of pleats: Pinch, Fan, Goblet, Inverted, Box, Cartridge, and many more.
  • Draperies are then thoroughly inspected to abide by Evmar Interiors’ high standards and carefully packed for shipping.
  • Installer and customer make arrangements for installation