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About Our Draperies & Custom Drapery
Workroom Wilmette, IL

If you are looking for a drapery company in Wilmette, Evmar Custom Draperies is your answer. We are a family-owned and operated business that has been providing outstanding services for years. Our company has serviced the local Wilmette design and community as a holistically oriented place for draperies, window treatments, and other window fashion.

We cooperate with the design industry to fabricate the most elegant drapery and window treatments in Wilmette so that you can get the drapes that you deserve. We fulfill the highest expectations of our clients in quality and timely delivery. Our drapery workroom is able to fabricate the most unexpected as well as beautiful draperies and window treatments.

Our drapery workroom manufactures draperies and custom window treatments for Wilmette in all styles and hundreds of fabrics to work with any design. We only provide the highest quality of custom draperies, motorized draperies, decorative pillows, and custom pillows at an affordable price. If you live in Wilmette or nearby areas, give us a call today!



Custom Draperies

Custom Draperies
Wilmette, IL

Our hard-working drapery makers produce custom draperies for Wilmette homeowners and businesses. Blending creative ideas with incredible expertise, we come up with the best designs, textures, and shapes to match your vision of the space.


Decorative Pillows
Wilmette, IL

Find an untapped style for your residential or commercial space with our decorative pillows in Wilmette that pull together your drapes and your furniture. We have hundreds of fabrics and styles available to make your custom decorative pillows from Evmar Custom Draperies pop.


Arch Window Treatments
Wilmette, IL

At Evmar Custom Draperies in Wilmette, we can provide arch window treatments throughout the region. These can offer a softer look for your interior, making the space more comfortable and inviting with a flare of style.

Fabric Shades custom draperies chicago

Fabric Shades
Wilmette, IL

Choose from a huge selection of fabric shades to suit your particular tastes for your home or business design interior. Our artistic specialists at Evmar Custom Draperies in Wilmette combine style with incredible expertise for the finest drapes in the area.

Cascades and custom draperies chicago

Swags & Cascades
Wilmette, IL

Capture added style and attention for your windows with a fantastic array of swags and cascades stitched precisely by our professional curtain makers in our custom drapery workroom in Wilmette. So you can choose the look you want.

custom pillows chicago

Bedding & Canopy
Wilmette, IL

Evmar Custom Draperies is Wilmette’s source for bedding, canopies, and custom pillows that can leave you with stunningly curated bedrooms. Let our team of designers capture your personal preferences in a sketch and the final design plans.

Motorized Window Treatments

Motorized Window Treatments
Wilmette, IL

Add a touch of convenience and elegance to your home with motorized draperies in Wilmette. This is a wonderful way to modernize any room with beautiful window coverings that respond with just the touch of a button.

new window treatments chicago

Cornices & Valances
Wilmette, IL

In a simple addition to your décor, you can add custom cornices and valances created by our amazing team of drapery makers. Custom draperies in Wilmette can really boost the look of your home.

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Reasons Choose Evmar Custom Draperies Wilmette, IL

Custom Workroom Services

In Wilmette, if you want professional crafted draperies, then Evmar Custom Draperies is the company you should call first. Our master drapery designs can be seen throughout homes and businesses in Wilmette.

High-Quality Craftsmanship

We will never be a second-tire draperies company. If it isn’t the best, we toss it and start over. That is the commitment we have to giving you only the highest-quality custom draperies in Wilmette.

Measure, Fabricate & Install

When our professional curtain fabricators do a custom set of curtains for your Wilmette home, you can be sure it was measured perfectly, fabricated seamlessly, and installed by an expert.


If you are ready to get your draperies done in Wilmette, at Evmar Custom Draperies, we offer free estimates, exact quotes, and a list of all of our services.

Highest Quality Lining & Interlining

At Evmar Custom Draperies, our master curtain makers use precise lining and interlining in all our custom draperies in Wilmette to add to the overall quality of the draperies.


At Evmar Custom Draperies, we take service in the draperies business to the next level, by offering motorized draperies in Wilmette for our customer’s homes and businesses.

custom drapery workroom chicago

Perfect Designs Crafted To Your Needs

Evmar Custom Draperies takes pride in producing high quality custom draperies and decorative pillows in Wilmette. Our team puts in the extra effort into creating custom drapes specific to our customers’ needs.

Our Workroom

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What Clients Say About Us - Evmar Custom Draperies Wilmette, IL

Amelie Dickerson Wilmette, IL

We saw a huge selection of decorative pillows at Evmar Custom Draperies, and they were able to create incredible custom pillows in Wilmette for our unique situation. We appreciate all the help.

Amelie DickersonWilmette, IL
Alexis Rowland Wilmette, IL

Evmar Custom Draperies is Wilmette’s best place for amazing motorized draperies. I enjoyed their friendly and helpful service that was able to answer all my questions. I am very happy with the results they provided.

Alexis RowlandWilmette, IL
Salma Meier Wilmette, IL

My living room couldn’t look better thanks to the professionals at Evmar Custom Draperies. They gave me the perfect custom drapes in Wilmette.

Salma Meier Wilmette, IL

Partners of Evmar Custom Draperies Wilmette, IL

What To Look For When Choosing The Most Reliable Custom Drapery Companies Wilmette, IL

Materials and colors in a variety of styles:
Beautiful window drapery designs in various styles, colors, fabrics, and materials are what the best custom drapery company in Wilmette should be able to provide its customers with.

Company Experiential Learning & Development:
As an established company, Evmar Custom Draperies Wilmette is well-versed in the art of custom drapery design, allowing them to create the best custom draperies in a custom drapery workroom that meets your specific privacy, light, and ventilation requirements.

The Products are Sourced Locally:
It is more environmentally friendly to purchase draperies from a local manufacturer. It reduces the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere when your things are shipped to another location. Additionally, purchasing drapes from the best local drapery company means putting yourself in a position to be considered for new employment prospects.

Choose a company with custom drapery Wilmette that has a workforce that is pleasant and easy to get along with because first impressions are important. They prioritize the comfort of their consumers when it comes to custom drapes from these drapery firms.

Overall Great Customer Feedback: 
The best custom drapery company routinely receives positive feedback from both old and new customers.

Installing drapes: 
To avoid paying a contractor or middleman, you can purchase your custom drapes Wilmette from a firm that will also install them for you.

Evmar Custom Draperies Wilmette can assist you in selecting the most appropriate window treatments for your home. As an additional service, we offer motorized draperies and custom curtains to assist you in improving the appearance of your windows. Don’t hesitate to get in touch.