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Evmar Motorized Draperies Chicago IL – Make The Right Choice For Your Home

Examine Your Current Space

There are a few things to consider if you would like motorized shades in Chicago for your home. If your windows are custom shapes and sizes, then these decorative motorized shades or draperies will be a good choice as they are custom made to fit any size or space. They also work well combined with decorative moldings and window frames.

Evaluate Your Needs for Function
Evmar Motorized Draperies in Chicago are extremely versatile in their functionality. If it is privacy you are after, choosing a thicker, heavier material would be a good idea. Motorized draperies or shades also work at making your Chicago home more energy efficient by keeping out hot sun-rays. Another benefit of motorized draperies is they will give added protection to your belongings and prevent them from sun damage like fading or cracking. You can also adjust the level of coverage you desire.

Consider Your Automated Technology
Automated everything is popular nowadays, so why not add your window coverings to the list. Motorized shades technology is available for draperies and shades. It can be integrated into your current Chicago home automation system, allowing you to remotely operate the motorized draperies from your smartphone.

Advantages of Motorized Draperies Chicago, IL Convenience

Imagine having motorized draperies in Chicago that adjusts at the touch of a switch. Such a blissful way to live, right? At Evmar Motorized Draperies, we design custom window shades and treatments for the perfect fit for your windows.

Safe Usage

Fringes look dainty and sweet, but are not safe around small children and pets. Having motorized shades in Chicago combines a convenient and safe use wherever room you install it.

Better Sleep

Our motorized draperies in Chicago are made with high-quality fabric that permit complete blackout in the room, so you can improve the quality of your sleep every night.

Increased Security

You can control your motorized draperies using your app, and make it appear like your home is occupied even while you are away. 

Protect Your Interior

UV-filtering motorized draperies can limit the heat penetration inside your property, thus protecting your interiors from easy damages like discoloration and fading.

How To Hang Window
treatments Chicago Like A Pro.

Having curtains merit advantages. From providing shade, a better sleep, to spicing up dull windows with their panels, window treatments are an essential item in your home. Avoid these mistakes and achieve a polished look to your drapery, like selecting the wrong length, excessively high or low mounting, and custom drapes that are narrow for your Chicago space.

Make sure you are using a custom drapery that is sized well for your space. Waking up prematurely from that morning sunbeam can dampen a good night’s rest. Shorter sizes make your room look awkward. It also makes the entire room seem smaller than it is.

Curtain rods have to be in the proper spot, lest you want your perfectly-custom draperies to not hang properly. Mounting the rod a few inches higher than the window can give that illusion of length. Choosing a wider rod is also essential. For your drapery needs, call  Evmar Window Treatments.