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Decorative Pillows Chicago, IL
– Why They Make All The Difference?

Show off your personality.

Our personality shines through our decor choices. We can find the perfect decorative pillows in Chicago for your style and decor.

Add color to your decor.

A well-chosen decorative pillows color can bring a whole new exciting look to your home at a minimal cost.

Match new trends.

Trends in interior decor change quickly. Fresh decorative pillows can be an inexpensive way to update your home, keeping you trendy.

Improve overall comfort.

Beautiful cushion covers on comfy decorative pillows make our homes cozier and the couch more inviting.

Improve your health.

Decorative decorative pillows in Chicago can have an impact on your spine health. A bit of support can make all the difference.

Protect your loved ones.

Decorative pillows in Chicago are a great way to protect your baby from bumps and hard edges and support new activities, like sitting.


Designer Tips For Decorative Pillows Chicago, IL

Get the right size of custom pillows

The standard size for sofa pillows is between 18” to 20”. Knowing the right size will give you the perfect custom pillows in Chicago as you wish.

Don’t be afraid of designer fabric

One yard of designer fabric could go a long way if you know how to maximize the material. It’s not significantly more expensive than ordinary fabric and can give your space a fancy appeal.

Pick two fabrics instead of one for your custom pillows

This is an innovative way that you can have interchanging decorative pillows in Chicago without spending more. You can simply flip your pillow and give your room an instant upgrade.

 Don’t forget the details

Give your custom pillows a unique twist. Go from traditional to flat welt piping and vice versa. Create intricacies to give your pillows a touch of personality. For customization, contact Evmar Decorative Pillows in Chicago.

The Best Way to Clean Decorative Pillows in Chicago, IL

Keep your custom pillows in Chicago looking their best with the proper cleaning. However, that does not mean throwing those decorative pillows in the washing machine. That’s a big no-no.

Dry cleaning is the usual recommendation for washing decorative pillows in Chicago, especially if your pillows feature embellishments like beading or special trim.

If you’re not making the trip to the dry cleaners anytime soon, take your custom pillows in Chicago outside to gently dust them off. Alternatively, you can carefully go over it with a vacuum brush to get rid of loose dirt and debris, like hair.

Evmar Decorative Pillows in Chicago can offer beautiful decorative pillows that complement your space. You can choose any size, shape, or style with a wide range of fabric options available. And you can take your pillow cleaning to the next level with stain-resistant performance fabrics.