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What’s The Value Of Custom Draperies Chicago, IL?

What’s The Value Of Custom Draperies Chicago, IL?

Custom drapery in Chicago uses fabric that can add softness, texture, an interesting color or pattern, and acoustical dampening. By simply adding drapes you can bring a warm, cozy feeling to a space. We know what you’re going to say, “I don’t need custom drapes to achieve the color, texture, or desirable patterns when I can get them from a local shop specializing in window treatments in Chicago.” But consider the differences in quality between retail drapes and custom drapery.

LINING: A significant number of retail drapery options have low-quality liners or no liners at all. It’s important to have drapes with liners to protect against sun damage over time. And they help drapes to hold their shape, plus you’ll be able to see the fabric during the day while they appear fuller.
FABRIC: Drapery takes over the look of the room. If they are not quality-made, your space will carry that lack of quality throughout.
HEMS: Keep the hemline true with double-fold hems to enhance the overall structure of the draperies. You will generally only find single-fold hems in a retail store.
WEIGHTS: Quality drapes in Chicago have weighted hems to ensure structure and prevent curling or swaying when someone walks by.
THREAD: Thread that matches the fabric provides a complete look, but retail drapery in Chicago often features clear threading, which can fall out and unravel the drapes.
FIT: It’s near impossible to get perfectly fitted drapes in a retail store, and ill-fitted drapery will not give you the right look.

These are clear differences. Quality custom drapery will last longer, resist fading, sagging, or unraveling as a result of weak seams, and will hold their structure. Well-designed quality custom draperies in Chicago will improve your space, create a sense of extravagance, display your style, add softness, and elevate the design of your room.