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Things to Consider when Choosing Custom Draperies Chicago, IL

Things to Consider when Choosing Custom Draperies Chicago, IL

Planning to give your home a transformation? Perhaps you want to spruce it up and add custom drapery for your house in Chicago? One way to change your interiors is to change your curtains. Choosing the right curtain for your home can be challenging, given the plethora of choices. To help you decide better, consider these factors before buying:

Interior Style

Draperies in Chicago come in different styles, cuts, and design patterns. Consider what style you want and in which rooms to place them. At Evmar Custom Draperies, we make unique designs in our drapery workroom in Chicago. Give us a call and we will achieve your dream design.

Purpose and Function

Curtains and draperies are naturally beautiful, but they serve a purpose, too. It helps to research how your draperies would function. Is it for sun shading? For decorative purposes? You may also consider getting motorized draperies in Chicago for more convenient use.

Length and Lining

All curtains and draperies should be exact to their length in order to serve their function. To do this, take note of your home’s opening sizes to know how long your curtains should be. Balcony openings typically have floor length curtains while windows have curtains that cover just below the sill. Ask your professional drape maker to take precise measurements for your drapery in Chicago.

Colour and Fabric

Once the measurements have been finalized, you finally get to the fun part of choosing colors and fabric for your custom draperies in Chicago. Curtain fabrics require different linings and methods of cleaning, so make sure you are aware of those. 


Lastly, combine all the factors above to arrive with the best type of curtain or drapes in Chicago. At Evmar Custom Draperies, we can take care of everything you need. Call us today!