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Custom Draperies Chicago, IL – Factors That Affect The Cost

Custom Draperies Chicago, IL – Factors That Affect The Cost

Add a splash of elegance and style to a space. Create a modern, romantic atmosphere in the bedroom. Look for the right custom draperies in Chicago to make it happen. Not sure about the price? Check out these 4 factors that can impact the cost of your custom drapes in Chicago:

Drapery Material: Think about the purpose of your new drapery. How much your drapes in Chicago will cost depends on that as well as on the material used and the quality you select. Do you want to make a statement in the space? Are you looking for functionality or some specific benefit? Common curtains are made of light materials like silk, cotton, or polyester. Window shades and shutters are constructed of metal, bamboo, plastic, or vinyl. Your drapery fabric choice will have a major impact on the tone of the space.

Style and Quality of Your Drapery Selection: In general, the cost of your custom drapes in Chicago will vary. It all depends on the specific window treatment you would like. Prices will fluctuate based on the window size, the type of material, and its quality. Adding personal touches like detailed designs or customized art to the fabric will take the price of your custom drapery higher.

Adding Accessories: The material needed for your drapery in Chicago is one thing, but you also need some other pieces to make it all work. To hang your curtains or drapes, you need mounting rods, clips, and rings. Choose your rod based on the style you want for your custom drapes, which means accounting for length, material, and overall look. You will need metallic rods for heavier materials, like velvet, whereas different rods can be used for lighter materials like cotton or plastic.

Installation and Service Costs: To professional drapery installers like Evmar Custom Draperies in Chicago, installation is easy. And you don’t have to worry about which tools to use, because it’s all handled for you.