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Cleaning Your Custom Draperies Chicago, IL

Cleaning Your Custom Draperies Chicago, IL

Every day, your curtains are exposed to dirt and dust that can affect their looks and longevity and may harm your health. Evmar Custom Draperies has listed some of the details on taking care of and cleaning your custom draperies in Chicago.

Once in a while, give your custom drapes a gentle shaking to prevent dirt from lodging in the fibers.

Vacuuming your draperies will remove loose dirt, pet hair, and dust. Make sure to use a soft brush attachment and low-suction setting to vacuum your custom draperies from top to bottom gently.

Once or every two months, remove your custom drapery and place them in the dryer for a thorough cleaning process. Make sure to use the delicate cycle or no-heat cycle as the fabric can deteriorate when exposed to the sun, and allow your draperies to tumble within 30 minutes. This process will help you lose trapped dust from the fibers. Shake them well before hanging again to remove loose dust.

Once a year, or depending on your dust condition, cooking habits, and other factors, make sure to deep clean your custom draperies and have them professionally cleaned by a professional cleaning company. Professional companies can remove spots and stains in your draperies without damaging them. They know which solution and cleaning products to use to keep them in good condition. Deep cleaning of your custom draperies will also keep them free of dust and dirt to give you the best chance of getting your bond back. 

Another way to take care of your custom drapes is to remove the spot stains as quickly as possible to prevent them from setting. There are many spot-cleaning solutions in the market, and be sure to select the one for draperies to avoid damaging the material. 

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