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Using Custom Draperies Chicago, IL To Set A Mood

Using Custom Draperies Chicago, IL To Set A Mood

Window treatments can cool a room

We use special liners in our custom draperies to prevent the penetration of strong heat and maintain a controlled indoor temperature for your comfort. For convenient usage, opt for motorized draperies Chicago.

Control your privacy

Residing in a busy community where your neighbors could easily learn the ins and outs of your daily movements suggests an increase in privacy. You may call us at Evmar Custom Draperies to install window treatments. This will benefit you both day and night and tighten security in your home for your peace of mind.

Color is Everything

  • Blue for Serenity

Blue exudes a calm and collected vibe for a serene ambiance in your home. This recreates a sense of peace, which could even lower your stress levels and blood pressure.

  • Red for Passion

Red is the color of power. This also represents romance, passion, and warmth. Create an energetic aura in your home by choosing red for your custom drapery Chicago.

  • White for Clarity 

White represents peace and clarity. This is often used to achieve a minimalist and clean interior design free from strong colors. For a lighter vibe, select white motorized draperies. Learn more tips – Call Evmar Custom Draperies in Chicago!